Survey Conducted by National Fatherhood Initiative Reveals Top 8 Reasons for Divorce

An in-depth survey was conducted by the National Fatherhood Initiative to determine the most common reasons for divorce, and how couples could have prevented the divorce or fixed the problem. Here are the top 8 reasons that couples involved in the survey gave.

1. Lack of commitment- 73% of couples interviewed said that a lack of commitment, typically thought to be on the other spouse’s part, was what ultimately caused the divorce. Without a firm and mutual feeling of trust and commitment, a divorce becomes significantly more likely. Don’t get married if you are

2. Too much arguing- Too much arguing and not enough problem solving and resolution caused 56% of couples surveyed to split. Relationships in which both spouses feel that they can maturely and reasonably discuss issues are much less likely to end up divorced. Talk it out. Trust us, being “right” isn’t always worth it.

3. Infidelity- Cheating or being cheated on caused 55% of couples surveyed to end their marriage. Couples who feel a greater sense of intimacy within their relationship have more successful marriages and are therefore less likely to consider divorce. You made vows. Stick to them.

4. Marrying too young- 46% of couples said that getting married too young was a big factor in their divorce. Couples who marry after the age of 21 are increasingly less likely to divorce. You might want to rethink the status of your “young love.”

5. Unrealistic expectations- Unrealistic expectations about married life caused 45% of couples surveyed to dissolve their marriage. Ask your friends and other married couples about what married life is REALLY about before tying the knot.

6. Lack of equality- Not feeling that both partners were on equal footing within the relationship led to divorce for 44% of couples. If it’s not equal, it’s not the real thing.

7. Lack of preparation- Marriages in which partners felt unprepared and therefore dissatisfied caused a split for 41% of couples. Statistics show that cohabitation as a form of marriage preparation doesn’t count and doesn’t work.

8. Abuse- Physical or verbal abuse ended 29% of couples’ marriages in the survey. Love is respect. Never abuse.

*Note: while the numbers of this survey go well beyond 100%, most couples reported multiple reasons behind their divorce.

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