5 Types of Alimony You Need to Know

Types of Alimony

There are different types of Alimony that are applicable under Florida laws. Florida courts, therefore, have the discretion to determine the type of alimony to award, if any upon taking into consideration the interests of both parties and what it ultimately believe to be fair under the given circumstances. There are no limitations when it comes to how many types of alimony the court is allowed to award. As long as the court feels it appropriate, it may award more than one type of alimony.

There are five different types of alimony that have been established under the Florida statute, these types of alimony are inclusive of:

Temporary Alimony.

This type of alimony is usually awarded to the recipient spouse on a temporary basis. It entails the supporting spouse providing financial support to the recipient spouse on a temporary basis pending the finalization of the divorce process. The support is deemed to have ended upon the finalization of the divorce.

Bridge-the- Gap Alimony.

Bridge-the- gap alimony is temporary in nature and is meant to last no more than two years. It commences upon the finalization of the divorce and requires the supporting spouse to provide support to the recipient spouse through providing them with temporary living expenses to meet his or her short-term needs. This type of alimony is not modifiable once it has been entered.

Rehabilitative Alimony.

It is the type of alimony that makes it possible for a spouse to acquire training or education necessary to obtain employment following a divorce. The recipient spouse, in this case, shall be required to submit to the court a plan outlining the exact period of time as well as the exact amount of money required for the completion of the plan.

Durational Alimony.

This type of alimony is awarded by the court in cases where one party is need of going assistance in meeting his or her living expenses for a number of years. Durational alimony can be awarded for a period of time, up to the length of the marriage.

Permanent Alimony.

This type of alimony is designed to last until it is either modified or terminated by the court. It is aimed at assisting the recipient party with their living expenses when it does not appear that the said spouse’s financial situation is likely to improve.

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