Top Reasons for Having a Family Attorney

December 12, 2018

Family problems are and have always been a common thing in society. Different countries have established different laws to deal with rising cases of family feuds. Family law offers a legal means of dealing with family matters such as divorce, domestic abuse, spousal support, time-sharing (child custody) as well as other challenges. It is often crucial to obtain legal representation that has the ability to effectively handle all these issues keeping your best interests in mind. Having a family law attorney presents an advantage when it comes to representing your particular needs. In choosing the right family law attorney, one should ensure the lawyer is able to understand their needs, considers the long term effects of the proceedings on the client, has knowledge of other areas of law and finally, should be comforting and easy to deal with.

There are several advantages that come from having the right kind of family lawyer.

Legal Advice

Having a family law attorney enables one to obtain the best legal advice before getting married. Couples are able to make decisions that suite both their interests as well as safeguarding their individual interests regarding prenuptial agreements, as well as combining of assets with the help of a competent family law attorney. In the event of a divorce taking place in future, the couple will be able to get the appropriate legal counsel regarding time-sharing and child support of minor children, liabilities and other financial matters from competent family law attorneys.

Unnecessary expenses

Family and divorce lawyers are able to help their clients negotiate fair settlements with the other party without the need to have court proceedings. Instead of arguing the case in court, the attorney can save the clients a lot of time and money through reduced court costs, lower attorney fees and the elimination of appraisal and expert witness fees by settling out of court. This also saves children from being called as witnesses in court or testifying in court. Thereby preventing them from being exposed to unnecessary emotional trauma.

Reduced Costs

Having a family lawyer could potentially reduce the financial and emotional costs that arise from not having a lawyer. Despite the common presumption that paying for the services of an attorney may be too expensive, not having an attorney may prove more expensive in the long run. For example, an individual not willing to have an attorney may decide to take their case to court following his or her own ill-advised view and eventually incur more costs both financially and emotionally.


Experienced family lawyers are usually predisposed to numerous options regarding different cases. The client may only have one point of view of the case, whereas the family law attorney may already have several solutions to the dispute in mind. For example, in divorce settlements, various issues often need to be settled such as division of property, spousal support, child custody and child support. Family law attorneys often leverage these issues against one another in ensuring they achieve a favorable outcome for both parties, and therefore enable both parties to achieve their goals.


Opting to have a family lawyer enables the client’s case to be handled in an objective manner. Given that the attorney is an outsider, there is a higher likelihood for him or her to treat the case in an objective manner especially when dealing with contentious issues with emotions running high. These attorneys have also received training on approaching cases objectively and are therefore in a position to avoid rushing into decisions especially when handling a client’s case.

Reduced paperwork

Court cases usually have a substantial amount of paperwork that usually depends on the type of case and varies from state to state. Having a family law attorney therefore enables one to avoid the huge amount of paperwork especially when it comes to divorce cases. By having a family lawyer, one is able to get on with their lives without having to worry about sifting through paperwork a client may or may not understand.

Given the negative repercussions that many people experience during and after family law cases, it would be ill advised for an individual to downplay the effects of these cases when not handled in the proper manner. It would be best to carry out some research on family law or seek advice from a reputable professional attorney with a vast experience in the field.