Why Summer Timeshare is Different

May 23, 2018

Parenting time schedules generally have three or four parts to them. These parts include the repeating cycle of custody and visitation, the holiday schedule, vacation, and special events. All оf these are important to figure out as the parents divide up parenting time, and each part influences the visitation timeshare calculation. Here are some ways that the parts of the schedule can impact the timeshare.

The foundation оf the parenting time schedule is the repeating cycle. To make this, parent sit down and come up with a block оf time and schedule in the time  when the child is with each parent. For example, let's say the parents have a two week period. The father has the children during the week, and each parent has one weekend. The mother is also given an overnight visit during the week and an evening visit during the week. The parents would schedule in this time for the two weeks and then repeat it throughout the year.

Because the repeating cycle is the biggest part of the schedule it impacts the visitation timeshare calculation the most. The visitation timeshare calculation is the most percentage of time that each parent has the children. So, with the repeating cycle above, the timeshare calculation would be about twenty-five percent for the mother and seventy-five percent for the father.

Parents can increase the time of the visits or add visits to make the percentage higher for the

The holiday schedule is made by the parents listing all of the holidays and then dividing them up between them. Each parent should receive equal major and smaller holidays. The mother and father also need to decide the length оf the holiday.

The holiday schedule can impact the visitation timeshare because additional days are given to each  parent. Since each parent is given about the same holidays, the timeshare shouldn't change too much. Although, parents can adjust the length of the holiday to increase the timeshare percentage.

In summer, working parents generally have time for vacations and thereby bring their children into play. This makes summer timeshare a different as each of the two parents will be thinking of spending a good time of their vacation with their children. This has caused a whole lot of issues and can best be handled by a timeshare calculator.

Vacation time and special events are the last thing that go into the parenting time schedule. Vacation time can be time allotted for the parents to take the children and can also include where the children go during spring and summer break. Parents can use vacations to even out the timeshare percentage by letting the child spend more time with one parent during the summer, the child spending spring break with a parent, etc. Special events are generally only one time events that probably won’t impact the overall timeshare calculation very much.

Parents can use the information from the visitation timeshare calculation to make the best possible parenting time schedule. They can then enjoy the time they have with the children.